Who we are?

Association “Po To Jestem”

The beginning of the “Po To Jestem” Association is a meeting of two dog lovers and promoters of a new method of therapy using contact with a dog, which took place at the Pedagogy Institute of the University of Szczecin.

The friendship soon resulted in gathering a group of supporters, and then the establishment of the first association in Szczecin using dog therapy, also known as kynotherapy.

In 2006, the training of two dogs began – Gaia, the Golden Retriever breed, the kennel name of sea nature, and Aura, the Labrador Retriever breed, the kennel name (from the Moomin group). Both dogs were meant to work with people from the first days of their lives, and they were selected from among other puppies based on detailed tests.

Since its founding, the “Po To Jestem” Association has organized many projects that promoted dog therapy / kynotherapy as a method of therapy, and above all, the implementation of the motto “Po To Jestem” – meaning “That’s why I’m here” – carefree joy. The “Po To Jestem” Association cooperates, among others, with the National Autism Society, department in Szczecin, the “Rainbow” Association in Szczecin, the “Serduszko” Association in Nowogard, and the Primary School No. 4 with Integration Departments in Goleniów. Moreover, on the initiative of the “Po To Jestem” Association, a series of happenings in seaside towns in Poland and a children’s camp called “Holidays with dogs” took place.

In 2011, we started recruiting new members and training both guides and their dogs. Those who successfully pass the exams will start their apprenticeship at the end of 2012. The Association conducts training seminars for its members, which are continued on the basis of continuous training.

Our work

The “Po To Jestem” Association specializes in three main branches of dogo / kynotherapy, in accordance with the international standards established by the Delta Society and Assistance Dogs Europe:

  • Supporting the development and bringing joy through contact with a trained dog (AAA) – Animal Assisted Activities;
  • Rehabilitation and therapy of disabled people through contact with a trained and certified therapeutic dog (AAT) – Animal Assisted Therapy;
  • Supporting the learning process through contact with the dog (AAE) – Animal Assisted Education.